Braun Shavers – A Series for Every Man

By | September 27, 2013

BraunFormerly known as Braun AG, is actually a German costumer product company that’s based in Kronberg. 1984 – 2005 Braun used to be a fully owned subsidiary of the company Gillete. Now, Braun became as a wholly owned subsidiary of Procter and Gamble, which obtained from Gillete in year 2005. Braun Series shavers are now so famous and one of the most preferred choice of top quality electric shavers by men and electric shaver experts. With the Braun Series shavers, Braun now makes it simple for consumers to find their ideal shaver that suits their individual shaving needs. There are 4 shaver series to choose from: high quality entry level model shavers to premium model shavers with sonic technology.

Braun Series 1 shavers

Braun Smart Control 190s-1This line of shavers from Braun would suit the demanding beginners. The shaver boast of its ergonomic design and an extra wide shaving head for an effective shaving. They are fully washable for easy cleaning but only support dry shaving. Triple action cutting system and optimized cutting elements are the Series1 shaving technologies, and flexible cutting elements for its contour adaptability. The Series1 uses a NiMh battery that enables the shaver 40mins of cordless use when fully charged for 1hour, except for the 130 to 180s-1 models. Corded and cordless shaving is also supported with most of the Series 1 shavers.  List of models: 199s-1, 197s-1, 195s-1, 190s-1, 180s-1, 170s-1, 150s-1, 130


Braun Series 3 shavers

Braun 3 series 340S-4The Series3 boast of its triple action free floating system, an increased motor speed and its new SensoFoil. The series 3 shavers even got better with the model 380s-4 and 340s-4 that supports wet and dry shaving, that means men now can shave while in the shower or with foam or gel. Although, those 2 models mentioned can only be used for cordless shaving while the rest of the Series 3 models support both corded & cordless shaving. Some of the models now come with its own auto clean & charge station: 350cc-4, 370cc-4 and the latest model 390cc-4. In addition, the Series 3 now has a precision long hair trimmer which is efficient to trim sideburns, moustache or beard. The series3 also uses NiMh battery, where a full one hour charge enables the shaver for 45mins of cordless use, while a 5min quick charge that’s great for 1 shave. The new features are quite a big step and made Braun one of the best-selling foil shavers.  List of models: 390cc-4, 380s-4, 370cc-4, 360s-4, 350cc-4, 340s-4, 330s-4, 320s-4


Braun Series 5 shavers

Braun Series 5 550ccThe Series 5 offers more performance, outstanding skin comfort and now has better solution for those problematic areas compared to the previous Series shavers. Thanks to its new FlexMotionTec that significantly delivers more skin contact on those problematic areas for that effective shaving with lesser skin pressure. In addition, its PowerDrive provides 20% more power for the motor, for a high speed cutting. All the Series5 shavers are now made in Germany. These shavers now look more durable that you can tell the materials used are high tech and premium. There are only 4 models out of the Series 5 shavers from Braun, 5090cc and 5070cc comes with clean and charge station, 5040s that supports wet/dry shaving, and the 5030s that comes in black/red color.


Braun Series 7 shavers

Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver SystemIn my opinion, the Series 7 shavers are the best – the perfect shave! It features Sonic Technology, with 10,000 micro vibrations that capture more hair with each stroke. 3 Personalized mode settings that most users find it to be very useful, and this great feature cannot be found in any advanced shavers from other brands. These 3 personalized settings are the extra sensitive, normal and the intensive mode settings. You can now have an adjustable shave to best fit the beard and skin.  Out of the 5 models on the Series 7, only the 720s6 model doesn’t come with its own clean and charge station. All models are fully washable, but only the 799cc-6 can be used for wet/dry shaving. We highly recommend the Braun Series 7 790cc Pulsonic Shaver and it’s our no.1 choice for the best electric shaver 2013.

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