Philips Norelco 1280X SensoTouch 3d Review

By | June 21, 2013

Philips Norelco 1280X SensoTouch 3d
The SensoTouch 3D shavers are yet the most advanced shaver series from Philips that provides their closest shave. Philips is known for making quality rotary shavers with the slickest design in the shaving industry. The Norelco 1280X shaver is without a doubt the best rotary shaver of today and it also comes with one of the best auto cleaning-charging system.


Providing Closer Shave:

Of all the electric razors men have used, the Norelco 1280x gave them the closest shave below the chin and in the neck area. And for most who upgraded their shaver by getting this shaver, it offered them their closest shave. The 1280x shaver is Philips Norelco’s most advanced shaver that uses UltraTrack shaving heads that catches every hair with 3 specialized shaving tracks: the slots for the long hairs, the channels for those longer hairs and the holes for the shortest stubble. Plus, the shaver’s patented Super Lift & Cut dual blades system that lifts hairs in order to cut comfortably below the skin level for a close and even shave.

Handling of the Shaver:

This rotary shaver is lightweight and has an easy to grip handle. For first time users of rotary shaver will take some time to learn their patterns and how to maneuver the shaver properly. Once it is mastered, the Philips Norelco 1280x can offer the fastest shave possible, as fast as 3 mins. This razor features contour-following called the GyroFlex 3D system that has 3 parts moving independently that flexes outward, can pivot around, and tilts inward to easily and comfortably follow contours of the face. Additionally, the razor’s SkinGlide shaving surface that lets the razor slides smoothly along the skin for that close shave while preventing irritations.

Skin’s Reaction to the Shaver:

For first time users, normally it takes 2-3 weeks to let the skin adjust to the shaving system. Some might experience some redness especially in the neck area. For most users that have been using this shaver for a month, they no longer experience redness after using the shaver. Since Philips Norelco 1280x can be used for both dry and wet shaving, using a thick lather would also help minimize skin irritations.


Ease of Use:

This rotary razor has an LED Display: a full numeric battery indicator, a low battery indicator, charging indicator, a travel lock, a cleaning reminder and an indicator when the shaving heads need to be replaced. The shaver is also 100% waterproof and comes with a reliable auto cleaning-charging dock. A full 60 minute battery charge offers an hour of cordless use of the shaver and most electric razors can only offer 45-50 minutes of a full hour charge. The 1280x shaver also comes with a skin friendly precision trimmer for styling beard and moustache.


It comes with a reliable auto cleaning-charging dock that cleans, lubricates and charges the shaver. The Jet Clean system has 3 cleaning settings: Automatic (for normal usage), Intensive (for thorough cleansing) and Low-energy (40% less energy usage). The shaver can also be cleaned under running water, but remember not to use a towel to dry the shaver as the loops of the towel might caught on the shaving heads.

Maintenance Cost: (latest price – list price as of July 1, 2013)

Replacement Blade Set: Philips Norelco RQ12 that costs $50 – $65 and replace it once every 12 months for maximum shaving performance.

Cleaning Solution: Philips Norelco HQ200 Jet Clean Solution that costs $4 – $5 and lasts for up to a month of daily cleaning.

User’s Manual:

Manual & Documentation, FAQ and instruction videos are found on this support link.


  • Can offer the closest shave possible under the chin and neck area.
  • Can offer the quickest shave ever once mastered.
  • A lot quieter to use compared to foil shavers.
  • 60 mins. of cordless use for an hour full charged battery.
  • Comes with a reliable jet clean system.
  • Has the slickest design.
  • Great to use on both, wet / dry shaving.


Some would experience redness on neck area for 2-3 weeks especially for first time users.

What Other Consumers Has To Say:

“The best shaver Philips Norelco have made-closer than a blade”, most users were happy and satisfied how close it gets. Although, some reports of redness especially on neck area but as time pass by these irritations became less and less noticeable and over a month use, no more signs of any irritations. And most users agreed, the Philips Norelco 1280x is the best rotary shaver they have used.


Final Conclusion:

Closest shave (chin and neck area) and the quickest shave (3mins) is offered by Norelco 1280x shaver, Philips’ most advanced shaver. This is ideal for men with ‘curvy’ facial structure as rotary shavers can best glide and shave on those curvy areas. If you can afford the expensive price tag, why not get the slickest and best rotary shaver of 2013?

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