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Philips Norelco – Best Rotary Shaving System

Early 1940s, the electrical company Philco was able to legally prevent Philips to use the name Philips for any of their products that are marketed in USA, since the 2 names sound similar that it might cause litigation. So instead, Philips used the name “Norelco” which stands for “North American Philips (electrical) Company. But, in… Read More »

Braun Shavers – A Series for Every Man

Formerly known as Braun AG, is actually a German costumer product company that’s based in Kronberg. 1984 – 2005 Braun used to be a fully owned subsidiary of the company Gillete. Now, Braun became as a wholly owned subsidiary of Procter and Gamble, which obtained from Gillete in year 2005. Braun Series shavers are now… Read More »

Panasonic Shavers Proud Technologies

In 1918 was the original founding date of the Panasonic Corporation and then known as Matsushita Electric. It was in 1955 where the Panasonic Brand was formed and created by Matsushita for Americas regions. The Panasonic name was derived from the components “pan” which means ‘all’ and the word “sonic” that means ‘sound’, since they… Read More »